Embedded Systems Master's Program

This master program is designed and launched by the Department of Aerospace Computer and Software Systems in close collaboration with the Institute of High-Performance Computer and Network Technologies (IHPCNT) in the St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI, Russia). IHPCNT serves as a scientific and technical base for training of masters and postgraduates in SUAI. The Institute has a great competence in aerospace industry and Embedded Software Design for various domains (image processing, microcontrollers, etc.)



Curriculum consists of the six main tracks producing different learning outcomes and students’ competences

Two versions of the program

Students can choose between two versions of the program: Russian and English. Some modules in these programs are differ, and the studying language is also different.

Embedded systems (in English)

Embedded systems (in Russian)

Studying opportunities

Exchange semester

Two-year study

Summer Internship


CDIO Initiative is an educational framework that stresses engineering fundamentals set in the context of conceiving, designing, implementing and operating real-world systems and products. This approach is used as the framework for Embedded system Masters’ program.

R&D project

Students usually choose the project topic between the following research areas:

  • Communication protocols for the onboard equipment
  • Simulation and verification of systems
  • Embedded systems design
  • Software development for embedded systems
  • Analysis and updates of the onboard hardware
  • Video processing
  • Heterogeneous computing
We are open to discuss the other areas

Projects are presented in the papers and conferences

Simulation Of ExoMars2020’s Rover Network Using System C#

Nairi A., Plante J., Sinyov N., Olenev V., Korobkov I.

Proceeding of the 24nd conference of FRUCT. Presentation

Tools for Analysis and Tracking of Deadlock-Free Routes in On-Board SpaceWire Networks

Olenev V., Karandashev A., Alexeeva K. Proceeding of the 26th conference of FRUCT association

Proceeding of the 26th conference of FRUCT association. Article


Valentin Olenev

Valentin Olenev

Head of the Aerospace Computer and Software Systems department