International forum
Modern information society formation - problems, perspectives, innovation approaches
June 6-11, 2010, St.-Petersburg

  • Algorithm of schedule calculation for centralized sensor network
    Bakin E.
    download (pdf, 523 Kb)

  • Greenhouse management through CAN network and PLC on a touch screen system
    Barbagallo R.
    download (pdf, 589 Kb)

  • A study of packet loss caused by interference between the bluetooth component of a telecardiology system and residential microwave ovens
    Barge W.C.
    download (pdf, 670 Kb)

  • A monitoring system to analyse the information generated by MEMS accelerometers
    Buemi G.P.
    download (pdf, 6907 Kb)

  • Error estimation in real-time telemetry systems
    Bychkov D.
    download (pdf, 451 Kb)

  • A real-time network based on IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee to control home automation environment
    Collotta M., Salerno V.M.
    download (pdf, 749 Kb)

  • Hand motion capture through accelerometer to develop a remote controller
    Di Blasi Giovanni, Fisichella Fausto, Gallo Selene, Gentile Luigi
    download (pdf, 1944 Kb)

  • Microelectromechanical acceleration transducer with a tunnel current sensor
    Gamov Yu.
    download (pdf, 387 Kb)

  • Model of phase-locked antenna on the broad band planar antennas
    Gurnov K.
    download (pdf, 391 Kb)

  • Concurrent engineering and systems integration at a virtual enterprise
    Horta C. M.
    download (pdf, 532 Kb)

  • Resource distribution disciplines for wireless regional networks
    Ivanova E.
    download (pdf, 374 Kb)

  • Stochastic optimization in a hydrogen distribution network
    Navia D. L., Gutierrez G. R., Cubillos F. M., de Prada C. M.
    download (pdf, 511 Kb)

  • Development of automatic parking system
    Petrenko A.
    download (pdf, 1134 Kb)

  • Analysis of phase trajectories of a random process
    Polyak M.
    download (pdf, 573 Kb)

  • Analysis of autooscillation micromechanical gyroscope characteristics
    Tirtichny A.
    download (pdf, 737 Kb)

  • Energy conservation way of world development
    Vavrovskiy D.
    download (pdf, 308 Kb)

  • Tuning methods to process control training equipment RT-578
    Cipriano Alejandro Del Angel Vicente, Claudia Ariana Ramirez, Juan Angel Zamora Perez
    download (pdf, 502 Kb)

  • Design of a controller for an industrial robot ABB IRB 2000
    Cirilo Alberto Hernandez Alejo, Rubisel Martinez Morales, Diego Del Angel Del Angel
    download (pdf, 811 Kb)

  • Mathematical and imitating models of echo-signals of the sea surface
    Kuyumchev G.
    download (pdf, 1054 Kb)

  • Autooscillation inertial measuring devices
    Tirtichny A.
    download (pdf, 9289 Kb)