Department of International Affairs

International Student Office

The Office carries out activities related to ensuring the educational process of foreign students of SUAI, helps University institutes, faculties and other structural units in organizing the educational process, implementing curricula and programs for foreign students.

The Department provides consultations for students and their parents on the issues of admission and training in SUAI under the programs of higher and secondary vocational education and preparatory courses as well.

Ksenia Karpova
Head of International Student Office
Ksenia Karpova

International Cooperation Office

  • Cooperation with international organizations
  • Reception of international delegates
  • International conferences and workshops
  • Membership in international organizations and associations
  • Exchange programs and scholarship programs
  • International summer and winter schools
  • European Diploma Supplement
Yulia Makarova
Head of International Cooperation Office
Yulia Makarova

Passport and Visa Office

Visa issues and migration policy.

Elena Chinarova
Head of Passport and Visa Office
Elena Chinarova