SUAI History


On January 25th the Leningrad Aviation Institute (LAI) is established.

The Institute is located in the building of Chesmensky Palace. It consists of three faculties: Aircraft Construction, Instrumentation and Motor Building.

The war begins and more than 400 LAI students and teachers join the people’s volunteer corps. In August 1941 students and staff of the Institute form the 68th Fighter Battalion that heroically defends its hometown.


In February 1945 a regulation on transformation of LAI into the Leningrad Institute of Aviation Instrumentation is issued. Two faculties are created: the Faculty of Instrumentation and the Faculty of Radio Engineering.


The number of students exceeds 3,000. The Institute obtains a building on Gertsen str. 67 (now Bolshaya Morskaya str.).


Restructuration of faculties is conducted: the Faculty of Computing and Radioelectronic Systems is detached from the Faculty of Radio Engineering. Faculty of Instrumentation is divided into Faculty of Instruments and Faculty of Automation of Flying Vehicles.


The number of students exceeds 6,000. The Institute has 32 departments and 7 faculties.


According to the results of the All-Union competition the Institute wins the first place and is awarded the Red Banner.


Following the results of the efficiency evaluation the Institute is transformed into the State Academy of Aerospace Instrumentation (SAAI).


The University status is obtained, and a new name is received – Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI).


The University celebrates its 65th anniversary in the Ice Palace and gives rise to the tradition of the most ambitious gatherings of graduates in the Russian Federation.


SUAI celebrates the 70th anniversary of its founding and the 50th anniversary of the first human spaceflight in the Ice Palace. 9,000 graduates join the anniversary celebration.


The position of Rector of the University is taken up by Yulia Antokhina, the 1999 year SUAI graduate. Anatoly Ovodenko is elected as the President of the University.


SUAI is presented in the ranking of the top 300 University Rankings 2018 – one of the most respected world QS EECA research agencies.


SUAI enters Forbes’ List of Top 100 of the Best Universities in Russia and enters the number of best universities according to the QS BRICS University Rankings 2019.


SUAI celebrates its 80th anniversary.


As a result of the competitive selection SUAI becomes a member of the Federal academic leadership Priority 2030 program.


SUAI Aerospace Research and Development Center aimed at joint research and experimental development of innovative communication technologies is opened.