Research units

Aerospace R&D Centre

Inaugurated on November 22, 2022

Tasks: joint research and experimental development of innovative communication technologies, modeling, expert analysis, creation and construction of computing and communication networks for real projects in the field of aviation and space.

An opportunity to design an on-board network from the very beginning.

The interconnection of the educational part and the research part will be ensured by visual assembly of the network, automated completion, routing through the network and modeling the operation of this network even before the equipment has arrived at the enterprise.

The Center combines all the university’s competencies in the field of aviation and space, so that university scientists can create truly breakthrough inventions.

The Aerospace R&D Centre consists of:

  • The Research and Development Unit
  • The Aerospace Knowledge Factory
  • The Small Innovative Production

International Institute for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (IIAAT)


The main purpose of the Institute is to administer R&D in cutting-edge aerospace technologies, while having its own modern infrastructure, and also assist in Training of specialists for postgraduate and research in this field. IIAAT is also engaged in stimulating development and transfer of high-end technologies on the basis of international projects jointly with its other industrial partners and collaborators from Russia.

ISA SUAI Students Section


Student Scientific Society of the Department of Foreign Languages


School of Innovative Technologies “ORION”