SUAI Graduates

SUAI graduates become professionals in the high-tech industry, they are capable of developing and implementing advanced technologies and creating and developing modern industrial products.

Notable graduates

Alexander N. Ivanov,
First Deputy Head of the Federal Space Agency, Acting Head of Roscosmos
Georgy S. Poltavchenko,
Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation, Former Governor of St. Petersburg
Alexander Potekhin,
Director of ITAR-TASS-St. Petersburg
Arkady V. Trachuk,
General Director of FSUE “Goznak”
Andrey A. Turchak,
General Secretary of the All-Russian political party “United Russia”
Natalya V. Vorobyova,
Honored Master of Sports and Olympic champion in 2012 in freestyle wrestling
Igor A. Danilov,
Author of the Dr.Web anti-virus
Andrey A. Rudskoi,
Head, Founder of OOO “NG-ENERGO”
Georgy V. Antsev,
General Director of JSC “Radar MMS” Scientific and Production Enterprise
Dmitry Yu. Gogin,
Head of Federal Agency for State Reserves

Student feedback

Liang Heshan, China

The friendly environment prevails between students in our university. The teachers are professionals in their field, they are responsible and attentive to us. The university has a student volunteer organization called SCOM, one of the tasks of which is to help foreign students to adapt, you can ask them any question: they will help with translation if something is not clear, they will give advice when problems arise; SCOM organizes interesting events to let us better know the city and Russian culture in whole. There are conversation clubs in different languages, in which you may not only get live communication and spoken language practice, but also learn something about the culture and mentality of other countries.

Tran Dyk Hai, Vietnam

SUAI is a good university. All teachers and staff members are always ready to be contacted. They always help us and explain the material in detail during classes. Lectures are interesting. We can thoroughly master subjects by studying theory and conducting research in modern laboratories.

Ibrahim Caba, Côte d’Ivoire

Studying at Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation was the best experience in my university life. I received a Bachelor’s degree in technical operation of aviation electrical systems and flight and navigation complexes. After graduation from SUAI, I entered École nationale de l’aviation civile (Toulouse, France), the first aviation school in Europe where I studied to earn a degree in civil aviation engineering in the field of avionics. SUAI gave me the skills and knowledge I needed to progress in the field of international aeronautics. The university teachers and administration get on very well with students. The university does its best to help students succeed! I can recommend SUAI, and, in particular, this major to everyone who wants to build a career in aeronautics.

Azizbek Matniyazov, Turkmenistan

Studying at the St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation left exceptionally positive impressions. All subjects, both specialized and basic, were taught at the highest level. Teachers are not only highly qualified specialists in their fields, but also interesting people who are ready to share their life experience. I would also like to highlight the attitude of the staff of the Foreign Students Department, who treated us like their children: they solved all our problems and certainly loved us.

A large number of extracurricular activities were held at the university: sports competitions, intellectual contests, talent shows, Mr. and Mrs. SUAI competition, trips to museums and theaters, and much more.

I have never regretted that I flew more than 5000 km and entered SUAI. My heart is filled with endless gratitude and warm memories!

Ilya Artyushkin, Kazakhstan

When I had to choose where to go after school, I had one goal - aviation, and according to Rossotrudnichestvo, it was possible to choose the wonderful SUAI. And in August 2017 I was already in the charming city of St. Petersburg. The first acquaintance with the university produced the warmest and most pleasant memories, the employees of the Foreign Students Department received me with soul and warmth, and were always helpful.

Regarding the training itself, there were pleasant moments, as well as not quite easy ones, but the process of studying shouldn’t be easy, and at the end the goals were achieved.

I would also like to note that SUAI is a great place for active guys to approve themselves, it is in this university that they are appreciated and loved. Excellent student councils, trade union committees, as well as scientific activities.