Students life

The cultural life of SUAI, the students’ success in sports and their proactive approach to life are the pride of our University!

Active work with students is carried out by Trade Union Committee and Student Council of SUAI.

Yearly the University hosts the SUAI Talent Show creative competition, which is traditionally held in several stages, and the number of participants and the professional level of the competition are constantly growing.

  • Miss and Mister SUAI
  • Annual “Student games”
  • Football, basketball, streetball, volleyball, wrestling, and bowling tournaments ‘Day of Knowledge’ and in the Matriculation ceremonies

SUAI community of mentors (SCOM)

SUAI community of mentors (SCOM)

A student volunteer organization aimed at the adaptation of SUAI foreign students. Each student is assigned a buddy who meets them upon arrival, helps them settle in well at the University and in the city. SCOM organizes conversation clubs, excursions and parties.


SUAI Championship Movement

Various level championships for students and teachers

The professional skill championships of university, interuniversity, regional, corporate and international levels are aimed at developing the skills and talents of students in the present for their success in the future. University students have the opportunity to prove themselves in corporate and international championships, competing on a par with industry professionals.

SUAI conducts training in 32 competencies

SUAI is implementing training in 32 competencies, 22 of which are Future Skills competencies. There are numerous laboratories in the University for students to study such high-tech competencies as Space Systems Engineering, the Internet of Things, Quantum Technologies, Flying Robotics, Reverse Engineering and Additive Manufacturing, Digital Metrology, etc. More than that SUAI has developed a number of new high–tech competencies among which are: Corporate protection against internal threats to information security, Digital Metrology (Quality Management module), Modern and promising mobile communication networks (5G) and Export activities.

Partnership with industrial partners

Such advanced technology companies as Roscosmos State Corporation, Laser Center LLC, MGBot LLC, Ascon JSC and others act as industrial partners in the implementation and development of the competencies of SUAI Championship Movement.

Implementation of Future Skills competencies in university educational programs

In 2021-2022, SUAI together with 9 universities of the Russian Federation successfully fulfilled the state task of introducing Future Skills competencies into university educational programs. Learning packages for 43 Competencies of the Future have been developed including work programs for disciplines, textbooks, methodological recommendations, sets of evaluation documentation for intermediate certification with an independent assessment of practical skills. In 2022, 56 Russian universities joined the project and introduced the Сompetencies of the Future into their educational programs.

SUAI established a Consortium of educational institutions of higher education

The Universities of Future Skills Consortium, created in 2021, consists of 20 universities of the Russian Federation and 3 universities of the CIS countries. The main goals of the Consortium are the introduction of Future Skills competencies into the educational activities of universities, large-scale and innovative transformations in the higher education system for rapid personnel growth in the economy and national technological development of the country.