November 2

National Unity Day in SUAI

A cultural and educational event dedicated to the National Unity Day aimed at involving foreign students in the student life was held in SUAI

There were organized 7 stations, where students from different countries held their competitions. To successfully pass the Chinese students’ station, the participants had to assemble a figure from small parts: the more difficult the figure was, the more points the participant could get.

Students from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Angola and Egypt asked questions about their countries at their stations. Students from Russia offered to answer riddles, but it turned out that not all foreigners can easily guess everything that we have been familiar with since childhood.

– I met people from different countries and learned about their culture. I was very surprised to learn that Kazakhstan has a very unusual lake divided into salty and fresh water parts; the capital of Angola, Luanda, was recognized in 2008 as the most expensive city to live in; and Belarus is known for its ancient castles. I would really like to participate in such entertaining events in the future," said Yuan Haowei, a 1st–year student of SUAI.

The greatest excitement was created by students from Latin America – guys from Chile and Peru invited the participants of the event to sing with them in Spanish to the music of guitar and violin.

After passing all the stations, students could spend their earned points at an international table, where there was food from all participating countries of the event.