January 25

Happy birthday to SUAI!

Dear students, faculty and staff of the St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation!

Today our university celebrates two holidays at once – the Student's Day and SUAI's birthday.

First, I would like to address our students! Dear students, I want to congratulate you on this holiday. Studentship is a wonderful time. This is a time of immersion in science, searching for like-minded people and a busy extracurricular life. Some of you are just taking the first steps in your career, some have already mastered the world of your chosen profession in an adult way. Feel free to grab any opportunity, turn this world in the right direction for you. There is a unique composition of the St. Petersburg and the country’s higher school to support you. We will always help, prompt and be there for you. Delight SUAI with your success, share your achievements with your parents and do not stop there.

I also want to congratulate the faculty members and staff on the birthday of the university. With each new year, the planet SUAI is getting older, wiser and more experienced. 83 years ago, then LAI – Leningrad Aviation Institute – opened its doors to everyone who wants to study technical sciences. Today, St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation is one of the leaders in the development of new engineering products and technologies. We are one of the largest universities in our city and one of the largest universities for the training of engineering personnel in the aerospace industry. SUAI is a university with elite training areas.

I congratulate everyone on the 83rd anniversary of the university! I wish you new technical and creative success, victories in championships and competitions. SUAI appreciates and is proud of every one of you. Let’s strive forward and conquer new heights!

Yulia Antokhina,

Rector of SUAI