January 27

Going to China for new knowledge

Sergey Babchinetsky, Head of the Laboratory of New Production Technologies of the SUAI Engineering School, took a course on adaptive collaborative robotics in Shandong (People's Republic of China).

The course included such important topics as data transmission protocols, offline robot programming, the application of technical vision and the operation of multi-agent robotic systems.

– For the first time we managed to apply for such a course and see research centers and design bureaus for the development of high-performance control systems, as well as for the creation of a full range of high–quality products in the field of instrumentation and robotics, - Sergey Babchinetsky shared.

The head of the Laboratory held a number of important meetings in Beijing. During a meeting with the CEO of ROKAE Robotics, Sergey Babchinetsky discussed the possibilities of cooperation in the development of educational mechatronic stands based on collaborative and industrial robots.