January 29

Chinese-Russian Friendship Bridge

On January 29, Ms. Liu Xiaolin, Head of the International Service of the Russian Language Bridge educational company, Qingdao, China, visited our university

The company was created by employees of Qingdao University from among the university's teaching staff in order to strengthen educational and cultural ties with Russian educational institutions. One of the company's activities is in–depth linguistic training of Russian language for students of secondary schools in Qingdao and Shandong Province who plan to continue their studies at Russian higher educational institutions.

SUAI Vice-Rector for Educational Activities Valery Matyash and representatives of the Department of International Affairs took part in the meeting. The colleague from China was provided with information about the programs and features of teaching Chinese students at our university.

Ms. Liu Xiaolin noted the high quality of Russian technical education, interesting educational programs of SUAI and the great interest of graduates of Chinese schools in studying at Russian universities.

The meeting resulted in an agreement on the development of cooperation in the educational field. SUAI is always happy to welcome new students and partners!