February 27

SUAI hosted the meeting of the Academician Abel Aganbegyan Scientific Seminar

On February 27, a meeting of the Scientific Seminar of Academician Abel Aganbegyan was held at the Boiling Point – St. Petersburg. GUAP

Vladimir Ivanov, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Economics, Deputy President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor of the Department of Business Informatics and Management of SUAI, delivered a report on the topic "Problems of ensuring technological sovereignty of the Russian Federation" at the seminar.

– When we talk about where the state needs to develop, it is necessary to pay attention to the following concepts: global development trends, historical dynamics, the current level and trends of socio-economic development and the philosophy of development. We constantly hear that new values are emerging in the 21st century, and traditional values are fading into the background. Naturally, the new value system entails a new culture," Vladimir Ivanov said at the beginning of his speech.

The meeting was held in a mixed format and aroused wide interest from students, postgraduates, university professors, as well as the scientific community of Russia. Vladimir Ivanov also touched upon the most pressing global issues:

– Today we know exactly how artificial intelligence works, and we don't know exactly how the human brain works. Human control by artificial intelligence is something that we sometimes allow ourselves. However, we are now facing other problems: unauthorized access to personal data, decreased cognitive abilities and level of socialization. Unfortunately, today's children stop counting in their minds. Why would they do that if they can use a computer or a calculator"

During the discussion, various opinions and ideas were expressed which can become the basis for further research and development of a strategy for the development of technological sovereignty. The seminar participants expressed their gratitude to Vladimir Viktorovich for an interesting and informative report that raised important questions about the future of Russia's technological development. Many noted that his ideas and suggestions deserve serious attention and can become a starting point for further research in this area.