April 5

SUAI Engineering School becomes one of the organizers of the hackathon at the Expotechnostrage Forum. Day of Advanced Technologies

From April 3 to 5 the Expotechnostrage. The Day of Advanced Technologies Forum of advanced technologies for ensuring the security of the individual, society and the state at Expoforum hosted a hackathon on the development of specialized electronic devices, organized by the laboratories of cybersecurity and new production technologies of the SUAI Engineering School together with DOSAAF and the Airsoft Federation of St. Petersburg

At the forum, copies of equipment and unmanned aerial vehicles were presented, one of which was "Vertical" – the project of SUAI students.

“I took part in the second day of the hackathon as a technical expert on 3D printers. The teams carried out tasks from companies. They were all very interesting – some included hardware and software complex, some — pure programming. Everyone did their job hard. There was an atmosphere of fun and hard work at the site," said Danil Beisembayev, an employee of the Laboratory of New Production Technologies of the SUAI Engineering School.