April 26

Innovative SUAI

The university delegation presented our scientific achievements at the HI-TECH exhibition

The international competition was held from April 24 to 26 at Expoforum. This is the main Russian event in the field of high technologies, innovations and investment projects in the scientific and technical field

SUAI delegation presented 7 exhibits and brought 2 gold and 5 silver medals.

— The exhibition has been held annually for 30 years. Every year, exhibits from companies and universities in Russia and the CIS compete here. SUAI has been showing high results in the field of innovative scientific and technical developments for several years, — says Alexander Rysin, Deputy Chairman of the Expert Commission of the Competition.

Gold medals:

  • Combined laser sensor for smoke and thermal convection flow – a development of the SUAI Department of Design and Technology of Electronic and Laser Devices. Team members: Vasily Kazakov, Artur Praskun and a master degree student Yana Ryvkina

Vasily Kazakov presented a device that detects smoke. The principle of operation is to record the measurement of the characteristics of laser radiation in interaction with thermal convective flow and smoke particles. The developers said that it was important to eliminate false positives. This could be due to natural air currents. According to the scientists of the Department of Design and Technology of Electronic and Laser facilities of SUAI, the problem was solved by introducing computer algorithms for signal processing. In August 2023, a patent was obtained for the device.

  • The unique scientific installation "SpaceWire Aerospace Stand for Research, Certification and Testing" (USI ASSIST) – developed by the SUAI Aerospace Research and Development Center.

— I would like to congratulate all the colleagues involved. This was the first serious competition of this level for our installation. It is pleasant that the result of the long work of the Aerospace Center staff and students was appreciated. I would like to note that the UNI ASSIST was created within the framework of the Priority 2030 program. I hope this will give us motivation to further develop the installation, as we have a lot of plans," Valentin Olenev, Director of the SUAI Center for Aerospace Research and Development.



The developments of Associate Professor of the Department of Innovation and Integrated Quality Systems Alexander Chabanenko and undergraduate student of the Department of Metrological Support of Innovative Technologies and Industrial Safety Daniele Casadio:

  • Hardware and software complex for monitoring the quality of additive products
  • A manipulator with a sensor and a camera for monitoring the complex geometry of additive products


The developments of Kirill Epifantsev, Associate Professor of the Department of Metrological Support of Innovative Technologies and Industrial Safety, together with students:

  • A non-contact scanning system for measuring shape defects in marine engine building.
  • A software product for the encyclopedia of waste management of St. Petersburg ECO-365.


The development of Alexander Tumanov, Associate Professor of the Department of Metrological Support of Innovative Technologies and Industrial Safety:

  • An automated control system for the technological process of verification and evaluation of the basic error of measuring instruments by the method.

Congratulations to SUAI team! We are proud of every victory!