April 24

The first student Olympiad on Aerospace Instrumentation

On April 24, a full-time Olympiad among SUAI students in the field Instrumentation was held at SUAI

The Olympiad was the result of the modernization of educational programs at the Department of Aerospace Measurement and Computing Complexes in accordance with modern requirements for the training of students for the enterprises of Roscosmos Group of Companies.

– The organization and holding of the Olympiad “Aerospace Instrumentation – 2024" is an important event in the life of our university, which was historically created in order to train specialists in this particular field. In recent years, the need for highly qualified personnel in instrument engineering has increased significantly for domestic scientific and industrial organizations both in the aerospace sector and for other industries (mechanical engineering, transport, energy, medicine, etc.). Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the training of specialists, which should be greatly facilitated by the Olympiad. Aerospace Instrumentation 2024 is the first such Olympiad in Russia. We hope that its successful holding will contribute to the fact that next year it will be attended not only by students of the Institute of Aerospace Instruments and Systems of SUAI, but also by other departments and universities," commented Nikolai Mayorov, Director of the Institute of Aerospace Instruments and Systems.