May 15

New Ideas, New SUAI

A three-day design and analytical session has ended at SUAI. The university teams reported on the work carried out over the year and outlined development prospects

The session turned out to be really productive! The university teams generated ideas and interacted with partners both in the interests of the university and technological partners. The tasks were set point-by-point and for the future, the work went on without stopping during the day and night, without exaggeration.

— St. Petersburg University of Aerospace Instrumentation is developing as a modern engineering school for training specialists and managers with system thinking. Training involves scientific research and solving real practice-oriented tasks. The Priority 2030 program provides support and a significant impetus to improve our initiatives. Participation in this session with the experts of the Sociocenter is of particular importance for SUAI. We want to receive an independent assessment, comments and targeted recommendations for the further development of the university. Working together for three days will help us understand more clearly the direction in which we should move forward. SUAI is a mobile university, we are changing quickly and improving our performance in all areas," concluded Yulia Antokhina, Rector of SUAI.