April 27

A contribution to the development of the aviation industry

At the technical exhibition of the V Russian Modern Avionics – 2024 Forum, employees of the SUAI Engineering Garage presented the innovative VTOL Aerogibrid OWL project

The Russian Modern Avionics 2024 Forum is a platform for dialogue between professionals in the field of avionics, aircraft and helicopter construction, as well as representatives of business, government, mass media, educational structures and public organizations interested in the development of the industry and the creation of safe manned and unmanned aircraft systems.

The Forum is held in the faces&cases format: industry representatives share their experience in solving current problems, discuss the main trends of the year and demonstrate the latest developments.

Nikita Kazantsev and Regina Grigorieva, students of the St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, employees of the SUAI Engineering Garage, took part in the Forum and presented the VTOL Aerogibrid OWL project, a unique combination of a flying wing and a quadcopter designed for aerial photography and aerial monitoring. The VTOL concept allows you to combine the characteristics and capabilities of multirotor vehicles and UAVs of the aircraft scheme. Due to this, the range of tasks being solved expands, allowing the device to be operated in hard-to-reach places where aircraft-type models are powerless, while maintaining a longer duration and range of flight than multirotor drones.

VTOL UAVs can be used to deliver medicines, food and other goods to remote or hard-to-reach places, to survey hard-to-reach or dangerous areas; it can also help in search and rescue operations and search for missing people and provide assistance in emergency situations.