June 27

SUAI at the I Asian Legal Forum

Ulan-Ude, the capital of the Republic of Buryatia, was chosen as an international platform for global communication between representatives of legal science

The Asian Legal Forum has become a center of attraction for outstanding scientists, prominent businessmen, legal practitioners, mediators, representatives of the executive and legislative branches of government at the federal and regional levels, as well as foreign guests from Central and Southeast Asian countries. The key objectives of the conferences and meetings will be the establishment, development and expansion of scientific cooperation between universities, research organizations and centers of comparative legal research.

It is planned to discuss intercultural interaction, traditional values in the legal dimension, the need to introduce patriotic education and transfer historical experience, traditions, and national heritage to the younger generation.

– It is difficult to overestimate the timeliness and relevance of the First Asian Legal Forum. The scale and representativeness of the event are impressive! Leading representatives of the scientific community gathered together to discuss the evolution of the mechanism of state and legal regulation of public relations in the field of legal protection of traditional spiritual and moral values, intercultural and interethnic interaction of Russian society, and youth education, commented Polina Alekseeva, participant of the Forum.

The importance of the issues discussed is evidenced by the wide geographical range of those present – 500 speakers and more than 100 participants from Russia, China, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and other countries gathered at 15 working sites.